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G Studio

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been working hard to find my place in the market, as a freelance photographer. Trying to find a sustainable way of making a living as my own boss/employee, has been (and still is) a real challenge. 

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(NSFW) "Musings" - a set with D.

It’s funny, how outsiders experience Lisbon in such a passionated and intense way. D. is one of those people. She almost makes me feel ashamed of calling myself a natural Lisbon-born guy… I’ve met a lot people from other countries, but very few as passionated about Lisbon as D. And for this “Musings" set, it made total sense if we would get that vibe.

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A new Instagram account

I always believed (and still do) that focus is important to achieve something. But at the same time, I’ve always struggled with that belief on the creative side. I mean, if you like to develop ideas and concepts, when one tries to expand the horizons of its own vision, how can you stay limited to one genre, or to one area or subject?

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