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Vera Kolodzig

One of the biggest challenges with shooting actresses is Time. They always seem to be running from one place to the other, in between filming, or rehearsals or some of their daily routine responsibilities (yes, they are humans and they also have personal responsibilities they have to attend to).

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Joana Graça

Sometimes, testshoots are a great way to test a model’s level of professionalism. At this point, I’ve seen a bit of everything, from those who couldn’t care less about testshoots and even seem to be bored by doing them, to those who behave just like if they were shooting for the cover of a major magazine. Joana Graça is another fine example of the latter.

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I think few people have a name that fits them so well as Alba Baptista. “Alba” comes from the latin and it means “dawn”. In literature, “Alba” is a genre of Provençal poetry, that genre that made you wonder through stories of lovers who had to part ways at the dawn of a new day.

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