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(NSFW) "Musings" - a set with D.

It’s funny, how outsiders experience Lisbon in such a passionated and intense way. D. is one of those people. She almost makes me feel ashamed of calling myself a natural Lisbon-born guy… I’ve met a lot people from other countries, but very few as passionated about Lisbon as D. And for this “Musings" set, it made total sense if we would get that vibe.

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(NSFW) "Musings" - a set with R.

I met Miss R. through mutual friends and I think I can say we got along pretty well. I don’t exactly remember how did the “Musings” series came up, but I mentioned it and invited her to participate. From what I already knew about her at the time, I thought she would enjoy the experience. She wasn’t exactly sure about it, so she said she would think about it.

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