Helder @ Central Models

And then we saw him. There is just something about someone that, even after landing major campaign jobs, is willing to travel a three hour distance to shoot for a new project. He is, undoubtedly, a model. One of those men you would stare at in the street. One of those people that are so striking you feel ill-at-ease just by making eye contact with.  When someone is a model you just know it. Everything clicks. It's not just about having the right height, or face or body. It's about the way you carry yourself. And he knows it.

How did you get started in fashion?

I’m from Bragança and I started by chance in a runway show organized by the traders association of my city. After that I was contacted by Best Models Agency to be represented by them and that’s how everything started. Later on I moved to Central Models, that has been representing me since then.


What do you like the most in fashion?

That’s a very difficult question… because I’ve fallen in love with this job and with what i do… but what i like the most and i think most people don’t see it, is the sense of art. I think most of the times, we are making art and in a certain way, we are contributing to our culture.


You have done several campaigns, editorials, did the most important runway shows in Portugal… what would you say has been your favorite moment, so far?

I have so many good memories… i have been working with so many great teams and having such a good time… that it becomes almost impossible to choose. But I remember when my booker Mario called me to go to Barcelona, where I spent 5 months. That was really incredible because I wasn’t waiting for it… I mean, we had talked about it a while back, but then time went by without any news about it until one day, when out of nothing I got a phone call from him, when i least expected.


In what way did this experience in Barcelona change you?

It was a huge change for me. I learned a lot, I feel like I went from 8 to 80 and I got a real perspective of how the fashion industry works. Although Barcelona is not such a huge market (when compared with London or Paris), it still was very important for me to understand how things work and I also had the chance to work with great photographers which helped improving my modeling a lot.


From what you’ve learned so far, what would be the best tip for someone who wants to be a professional model?

Never give up! Really, never!!


Who is your favorite designer?

In Portugal, I like Nuno Gama, I like the way he approaches men’s fashion. But I also love Miguel Vieira, whose style I can relate to very easily. 

Internationally, Tom Ford!


Is there any specific designer or brand you’d like to work with?

All (laughs) really, I want to work with everyone!


What are your hobbies?

I love reading, going to the gym, yoga and I also do karate and surf. In this job, it’s very important to keep active, both physically and intellectually. 


Any book you would recommend?

“The Knight in Rusty Armor” by Robert Fisher. It’s a book for everyone, it’s a fable that really makes you reflect a lot.


Life goals?

I want to feel fulfilled in my job and try to make something different in it.


production  KAEOT

photography  Gonçalo M. Catarino

styling  Catarina F. Pinto

make up & hair  Tiago Figueiredo

model  Helder @ Central Models